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Your Odyssey Has Begun – Whose Eyes Will You Look Into?

Advice.  We’re surrounded by it.  With the advent of the internet there are friends, followers, gurus and goofballs who will tell you they have the solution to your every problem.

Perhaps you consider me a friend.  You may follow this blog, and I may follow yours.  There are some who call me a guru, and more who know me as a goofball.

I don’t have a solution to your every problem, but I have gained wisdom through experience that I’m happy to share.  In fact, many years ago I was asked by a counselor,

“Jackie, if you could speak to Heavenly Father right now, what would you ask him?”

My response then is the same response I’d have today:

“What do you want me to do now?”

The first time I was asked this question was at the finish line of emotional hell overcoming childhood abuse.  With a more complete perspective, I could see how my circumstances, experiences, and challenges of the past had shaped me into the person I was then.  I had always known that if I made it through that healing process I would have more strength than I could have ever imagined.

I was strong.  I had survived.  I was glad I had chosen to keep moving forward.  That odyssey was complete.

I was at the beginning of another Odyssey.  Where would I go, and what would I do?  How can I influence the lives of others?  These were the questions I would ask God, “What do you want me to do now?”

That wasn’t the last time I began an odyssey in life.  It wasn’t the last time when I’ve been able to look back and gain perspective.

There was the time when I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 30 years ago.  That was the start of an odyssey.

There was the time I decided to start my business, Emerald City Consulting.  That was an odyssey.

There was the time I said yes to District 2 leadership in Toastmasters International.  That was an odyssey.

There was the time I wrote my book, SELF Centered Leadership.  That is the beginning of your odyssey.

Each time I’ve disembarked from one odyssey, I’ve embarked on another.  That’s the way life should be!

Please take a moment to watch this video featuring a song from John Denver titled “Come and Let Me Look In Your Eyes”

I invite you to embark on an odyssey to exceptional leadership by looking through my eyes.  I identify four traits that have helped me gain perspective from my challenges and experiences in my book, SELF Centered Leadership.  I invite you to read it.

It will help you answer the question,

“What do you want me to do now?”


The TOP 30 Reasons to Read My Book

My book is done!  Woot, woot!  Of course, editing now takes place, and there will certainly be some corrections.  But by and large, it is done.  The blood, the sweat, and the tears are over – at least with the creative portion of this particular project.

The title of my book is…

S.E.L.F. Centered Leadership: Becoming Influential, Intentional and Exceptional

While the editing and the book cover are in process, I wanted to let you know WHY you should read my book when it’s ready.

I’ve decided that, although there are as many reasons to read this book as there are peeps in the world, I’m going to provide you with just 30 reasons.  I’m going to do this by way of a count down.

Are you ready?

Reason #30 for reading S.E.L.F. Centered Leadership: Becoming Influential, Intentional and Exceptional

You will learn how to prepare for, and how to survive, an ODYSSEY. 

2013-8-15 British Columbia1

Although this book is not about wilderness survival, desert survival, or even surviving a long ocean voyage, it is about learning to keep keeping on when it becomes very hard to do so.

In my book, I share with you how an odyssey is required if your desire is to become exceptional.   Great leaders are great leaders because they have overcome great hardships.

Through personal stories, and stories of others, my book, S.E.L.F. Centered Leadership: Becoming Influential, Intentional and Exceptional, will teach you how to prepare for hardships, and how to get through them in order to become exceptional.

“The only way out is through” ~ Carol (last name withheld)

Tune in as the count down continues.  You’ll want to know all 30 reasons for reading my book.