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Reason Five Reveals Five Imitators of Happiness

We are surrounded by imitations, fakes and counterfeits.  Some of them look so much like the original that it’s difficult to perceive the hoax.

Food, video games, fabric, jewelry, money, even communication can be counterfeit.  These can all be imitation versions of the real thing.

Fake money

These imitations are the cause of unhappiness because we can believe they are true, only to find that not only are they false, but possibly dangerous.

In my book, SELF Centered Leadership, I identify Five Imitators of Happiness that we should be wary of.  This is likely an unexpected list, because you are probably being fooled by the items on my list.

Knowing where the counterfeits are helps us to begin to live a more genuine life.  Reading my book will help you do that.

Are there any guesses as to what the Five Imitators of Happiness are?

I’m down to the last five reasons to read my book.  I began with a countdown of 30.  Have you been keeping up?

If not, here are the REAL, GENUINE reasons YOU should read SELF Centered Leadership……

#30 – You’ll learn to prepare for and survive an ODYSSEY!

#29 – You’ll learn how to spot IMITATIONS everywhere!

#28 – I’ll show you an APP to help you make tough decisions

#27 – I’ll introduce the Three P’s of Empowerment and how to apply them in your life

#26 – Wanna overcome regret?  I show you how!

#25 – I will illustrate how YOU can be heroic in your leadership!

#24 – You’ll learn my one-word definition for leadership

#23 – Friendship can sting.  I’ll tell you what I mean when I introduce you to Lexi and Debbie.

#22 – You’ll learn how to be EXCEPTIONAL!

#21 – You will know how to rise to the top of your fishbowl.

#20 – You will learn how to EMPOWER your life, your love, and your actions!

#19 – Love can be hazardous.  I teach you how to LOVE in a SAFE way.

#18 – My book makes a great stocking stuffer for anyone 12 and up!

#17 – You’ll be surprised to learn the 10 ways you influence others constantly!

#16 – You’ll learn to have charitable, brotherly love year round

#15 – You’ll learn the fishy art of caring for goldfish, and how to navigate your own fishbowl.

#14 – Learn to prepare for winter conditions

#13 – Learn how to communicate with credibility

#12Learn to lead with Intention

#11Learn ways to stop asking, and start helping

#10 – Help someone with oral cancer smile again by purchasing my book on www.smile.amazon.com  choose Oral Cancer Cause

#9 – Stop eating Styrofoam!

#8 – You’ll have access to the SACRIFICE or VICE chart for decision making

#7 – Pain, Pain, Go Away!

#6 – Service is the best medicine.

Reason #18 – A great Stocking Stuffer Book!

My book, SELF Centered Leadership: Becoming Influential, Intentional and Exceptional is available in paperback and Kindle on Amazon TODAY!

Click on the links above to view or purchase.  Please, please, please give me a review!  I’m shooting for 100 reviews on Amazon.  You can help.

I’ll even give you another reason to read my book.  Reason #18 is that my book, at only 150 pages, makes a great stocking stuffer!  It’s an appropriate book for kids 12-18, as well as adults – anyone who wants to be EXCEPTIONAL!

I’m very excited that people will be reading my ideas, stories, and hopefully integrating the mastery of sacrifice, empowerment, love and friendship into their every day lives.  I hope you’ll be one of them.

If you’ve missed any of the previous reasons to read SELF Centered Leadership, they are listed below.

#30: How to prepare for, and survive an ODYSSEY

#29: How to spot the IMITATION

#28: How to use an APP to make tough decisions

#27: How to Apply the Three P’s of Empowerment

#26: How to overcome regrets

#25: How to be a leadership HERO

#24: Learn the one-word definition of leadership

#23: Learn the sting of friendship

#22: How to be exceptional

#21: How to rise to the top of your fishbowl

#20: How you can empower your life

#19: How to Love SAFEly

Be sure to click on the box below to be notified of my next blog post.  I’ll continue my 30 Reasons for Reading Countdown!


If you LIKE the word LIKE, then you’ll LIKE this post

UGH!  Language is so important!  When someone misuses language, it gives me the heebie jeebies.

For example, I was recently eating lunch at a Panera Bread restaurant, and overheard the conversation two young ladies were having.  I don’t know HOW they had time to eat, because the spew of words was non-stop.

Even worse than the spew of words was THE WORDS they kept using.  Not profanity – that bothers me more – but the word “like” was used over and over for the 20 minutes or so that my husband and I were there.

It was incredible.  I managed to tape 90 seconds of the conversation so that you can get a taste of what I had for lunch….

Watch the video on YOUTUBE

Tell me what you think.  Is this inability to communicate the fault of society? Family? Schools?

I want to hear from you!