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Reason #24: Leadership Defined in ONE Word

A few years ago, I used social media to ask a question:

“If you had to define leadership in one word, what word would it be?”

Think about it….is it possible to define leadership in one word?  The answers I received were from all over the world.  I have combined some of them into a Wordle…. Leadership | Definition | Navigating Your Fishbowl Would you add your own one-word definition to the Wordle?  What would it be?

In my upcoming book, SELF Centered Leadership: Becoming Influential, Intentional and Exceptional, I give you the ONE word I discovered that defines leadership in every circumstance and from every perspective.

Wanna know what that word is?  (hint – it’s NOT in the Wordle) The book will be out soon!  Learning the ONE word that defines leadership is reason #24 for reading my book.

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Comment below with YOUR one-word definition of leadership.  If your answer is the word I release in my book, I’ll send you a gift.

(Disclaimer: If you have been one of the lucky ones to read the first chapter of my book, you do not qualify for the gift.)