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Three P’s of Empowerment

Would you like to be more EMPOWERED?  YOU can EMPOWER yourself when you discover the power-meant for YOU to create your own success!

Self-empowerment is developed when YOU master three characteristics:

  1. Preparedness
  2. Principles
  3. Promises

To enjoy the power meant for YOU, you must focus on preparing yourself early and often for whatever may come your way.  For instance, getting an education is the greatest preparation for career opportunities in the future.

Principles are values that YOU must live by.  Principles define who YOU are.  Are you honest?  Are you compassionate?  Do you live by the value of hard work, and understand that “luck” only comes after preparedness and principles have been practiced?  It’s true!

Anyone who is to be empowered must keep his/her promises.  Trust will take you a very long way in your relationships, career and life in general.  If you want more happiness and opportunity, then you must keep your promises.

These three P’s: Preparedness, Principles and Promises are required for you to be EMPOWERED with success, love, career, talents, and even enjoyment.

These three P’s were practiced by one of the greatest musicians of our time. 


Todd Sucherman, the drummer for the band Styx, recently spoke about how he empowered his career by living these three P’s.  With Todd’s approval, here is his story……

“Early in my career as a drummer, I was contacted by another band that had a gig the following weekend for which they needed a drummer.  I was available for the show as well as the rehearsal the Thursday before, so I accepted.  By Monday I received a tape of the 20 or so songs I needed to learn and I spent the next few days listening to the tunes over and over, even listening in the shower and playing along at every opportunity.  By the time Thursday arrived, I knew the material. I was ready.”

“I arrived early for rehearsal and had my gear set up well before the rest of the band arrived.  When they did, I introduced myself and offered to help them load in their gear.  After all were set up, I asked if we would be doing the songs in the order per the tape I had received.  They responded “Yes.”  I immediately counted off, “1-2-3-4” and drove right into the first song.  I got the gig within the first few moments of rehearsal.”

“If you want to succeed in this business, show up prepared, show up early, and show up ready to help in any way you can.”

~Todd Sucherman – Drummer, Styx~

Todd prepared himself by learning the necessary songs.  Then he applied principles of punctuality and service, which provided a positive path toward friendship with other musicians.  And then, he proved that he was trustworthy, and could be depended upon to perform well.  Todd had kept a promise, and his career was EMPOWERED.

The three P’s work!  If YOU want to be more EMPOWERED, then you must master the three P’s!

Watch Todd Sucherman drum solo

Have Your Cake, and Eat It Too!

Do you want to be a better, more inspiring leader?  Your odyssey toward that end must first start with yourSELF.  SELF is an acronym for 4 aspects of leadership you must develop in yourSELF before you can lead others.


SELF empowerment begins with truth.  Listen to this personal experience to understand what I mean….

If you want to have your cake, and eat it, too, then you must stop buying imitation desserts.  So many aspects of our society, our businesses, and our relationships are fake.  Consider the following:

1. Forgery of families imitates commitment and love

The collapse of family life: Most children in U.S. born out of wedlock
More than 5 children die every day as a result of child abuse

2. Counterfeiting of food imitates health and fitness

80% of America’s Food is Genetically Modified

3. Imitating violence as entertainment

Homicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for young people ages 15 to 24 years old
68% of American households play computer or video games

So many aspects of our lives are imitation. We want health, happiness, and safety; yet we take the wrong path to achieve them.  Later on, we wonder why our dreams are so fleeting.

is the only way to combat imitations, forgeries and counterfeiting.  Truth is empowering

Truth: the family unit, consisting of two married parents, is the ideal to a thriving successful society and happy, well adjusted children.

Truth: we have enough natural resources to sustain every living person.  The only reason to modify our food is for financial gain.

Truth: children need to be taught values and boundaries so they can learn from consequences to their choices.

Living with truth, and avoiding imitation is the first step to

Good choices = good consequences. 
Bad choices = bad consequences.

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