Are you a better communicator than a three-year old?

Last weeks post about the scene I witnessed with a little boy and his parents caused quite a stir among my readers.  (click here to read) I appreciate the comments that you all shared.  This week I’d like to review what I feel may be learned from this event. I hope you can relate to one or more of the characters in the story….

The three-year old boy:
Have you ever tried to speak up as part of a team, yet felt that you were not being heard?  Have you been in pain, whether physical or emotional, and your feelings were not validated?  Perhaps you’ve been “pushed around” by those in authority, and therefore you had to basically take it?

On the other hand, have you felt so angry at times that you wanted to “get back” at your boss or other authority figure and treat them as you had been treated?  Have you ever felt that you’d been punished unjustly for doing what you felt you’d been taught to do?

The father:
Have you ever been in a position of leadership and used force or control to get what you wanted?  Is it possible that you’ve ignored requests that were important to others simply because you were determined to have what you wanted?  Have you ever used another person as a pawn to “get back at” or please another person?  How good are you at controlling your anger when others seem to force your hand?

The grandfather:
Have you been guilty of not having or not showing empathy to others?  Is it possible that you have not been listening, or at the very least, not understanding the needs of others?  Do you enjoy feeling stronger, bigger, or having control over other people?

The mother:
Do you sometimes feel repressed or unable to share your wants or your feelings?  Does it seem easier to not make waves with others rather than tell them of your disapproval?  Do you feel empathy for others, but have to be careful siding with them because that may create a greater rift with the other side?  Do you feel that you can’t really say what you want to without causing problems?

Have you been able to identify some commonality in your communication or leadership style with one of these characters?

I recently posted on my blog the personality traits of North, South, East, and West.  I did this for the purpose of helping you to better understand the people you work, live and/or serve with.  By knowing why others do what they do, we can act and react properly.  It is important to understand your team members.  Once you do, the common barriers to communication go away, and your ability to lead increases.

I encourage you to consider your ability to communicate.  Can you see a need to improve?  Do you think that by working on improving your communication and leadership abilities you could have greater success, and get more of what you want?

So, are you a better communicator than a three-year old?

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