7 Steps to Achieve Team Synergy

Teams offer great benefits.  Team members have a variety of knowledge and skills useful in accomplishing goals.  Working with teams means that you, as a leader, must focus less on what you can accomplish by yourself and more on how you can empower others to accomplish goals.  The team will be more successful when everyone is allowed to contribute as much as they can toward the common goals.  As a leader, your role is to empower your team to assume more responsibility, authority and autonomy.


Following are 7 steps to achieve team synergy

1. Select Team Members

When selecting team members, strive to select those who are competent and reliable.  Look for individuals who will be motivated, hard-working, and who will get along with others.

In recent blog posts, I have provided ways for you to determine some personality traits of potential team members.  See the following past posts:

Are YOU a NORTH?      Are YOU a SOUTH?      Are YOU an EAST?       Are YOU a WEST?

These personality profile tools are not meant to pigeon-hole anyone.  They are merely to help you create a balanced team, wherein you can utilize the strengths of each team member

2. Review Goals

Discuss with the team the general goals of the practice.  Then let the team set its own specific goals.  By doing so, team members will be more likely to feel a sense of ownership about the tasks to be done.  They will be more committed and enthusiastic about their work.

3. Establish Perimeters

Establishing perimeters is all about determining the boundaries, rules and procedures to be followed, and then allowing the team to agree upon these perimeters.  How will communication between team members take place?  How will problems be solved?  Who has authority to make certain decisions?

4. Develop a Plan

Work with the team to develop a realistic plan of action that will help them meet their goals.

5. Assign roles and responsibilities

Make sure all the responsibilities are addressed and defined.  Then you must identify which team members will be performing those roles and responsibilities.  Define how each of the roles relates to the other for better understanding of expectations.

6. Establish controls

How will the teams success be monitored?  Discuss the standards you expect the team to meet, and then agree on a method to monitor the performance of the standards.

7. Build team trust

Team members must be able to speak openly with one another and with the leader as equals.  Trust develops as team members share experiences on the job, and then demonstrate that they’re trustworthy.  Respect, loyalty and commitment to the team is essential.

Does your practice have a current office policy manual that defines the following?


If you don’t, I highly suggest that you get one.  Procedures and policies are imperative to a successful team.  Having procedures in writing will provide for consistent resolutions and cut down on misunderstandings.  Those are the very things that de-motivate team members.

If you need help with ANY of these steps, I’m at your service.  I KNOW you can be successful at developing successful teams!

Are there any steps I’ve left out?  Let me know what your experience has been building teams with synergy!

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