Leadership Training and the Lazy River

I am in Orlando, Florida where the Toastmasters International
Convention will take place starting on Wednesday.   I’m here with Lt.
Governor Education & Training, Sandy Malone and Lt. Governor Marketing,
Sandy Marshall attending training for District Leaders.

The Hilton Bonnet Creek Resort near Disney World is an amazingly beautiful
hotel.  There is a “river” that flows through the pool
area.  I’m not particularly a lover of water, but I was encouraged to go
float down the river with Sandy Malone this evening after training was

Today’s training focused on quality clubs, team building, strategic planning, and ended with round table discussions about communication, budgeting, policy & protocol, and leadership succession (to name only a few).  We get to go back tomorrow for more specific training for our individual roles.

I’ve been indoctrinated with principles of leadership.  It has been a great day!  And as Sandy and I floated down the river tonight, I started thinking about how this very activity could be likened to leadership principles.  Can a leader truly lead if he/she allows the “current” to take him/her where it may?  Can a leader truly lead if he/she simply floats through a project?

The answers to those questions are simply “no”.  True leaders do not allow the current to control the outcome.  A true leader has a rudder that steers them safely through all obstacles they will encounter.

Toastmasters International is where leaders are made.  It is where leaders learn how to navigate down lazy rivers and white water rapids.  Preparation, planning and purpose are three keys to leadership success.  Leadership is not easy, and it’s usually not convenient, but working toward perfecting it in yourself will impact your life in ways you can’t imagine.

So jump in, overcome your fear, and navigate the river of leadership!


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