Bandi Watch, Day 2

Arny and I did some Christmas shopping today, which gave Bandi several hours to rest.  Not that she can’t rest when I’m home, but she just doesn’t.  Bandi has always felt the need to follow me.  When I move, she moves.  Her devotion has always been rather endearing, but now I just wish she’d stay put.  I know it hurts her to move.

This chair is one of Bandi’s favorite places to sleep.  It’s getting harder each day for her to jump up on it.  For the last several weeks she hangs her bad leg off of the chair as you see in this picture.  I guess it must give her some relief.  Poor little leg.

She likes to cuddle with me for a little while when I first go to bed, and even though she’d still try to jump up on the bed with me, I don’t want her to even try for fear that she’ll hurt herself more in the attempt.  For that reason, I’ve been sleeping on the couch.  It hasn’t helped my love life any, but it sure makes it easier to hear her at night in case she is restless or needs anything.  She seems to sleep pretty well at night.

I talked with Dr. Jones today about Bandi’s swollen leg/ankle.  She seems to think that the supposed cancer in Bandi’s knee is getting big enough that it may be blocking her lymphatic system from draining properly, and the fluid is backing up into her ankle.  We discussed starting steroids to hopefully decrease the swelling. It may even help with the pain a little bit.

Another way to possibly decrease the pain is to give her Gabapentin.  This is an anti-seizure drug, but it’s great for chronic pain as it causes the brain to interpret pain differently.  I have taken Gabapentin myself to help my fibromyalgia pain, so I suggested it to Dr. Jones, and she agreed it would be a nice addition to what Bandi is already taking.  I will start giving it to her tomorrow.

My sister called me tonight and suggested that some essential oils may help Bandi to get some relief from stress, if not from pain.  She mentioned Lavender and a few other oils.  I stopped by GOOD HEALTH store in Issaquah tonight, but unfortunately Wendy, the owner was not there, and the clerk was not all that helpful.  He did suggest something called Rescue Remedy (which my sister had also mentioned), and I purchased a bottle.  At this point, I’m ready to try anything no matter how ridiculous it may seem.

My son-in-law lost his boyhood dog today.  She was a yellow lab named Bailey. (Yes, we know how ironic that it).  Evidently, she was having trouble breathing and would not respond to Ben, my son-in-laws dad.  She died in the car before he could even get out of the driveway while trying to get her to the vet.  Very, very sad day for the in-laws.  Bailey was 11 years old.

“If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.”

Will Rogers

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