Day 26: Going out the door without her

Day 26 since the determination that Bandicoot has cancer and cannot be saved. 

I had to go out of town this past weekend for training, and I hated to leave Bandi behind.  The last time I left for a training such as this was in August.  Boomerang got so sick while I was gone in August that we had to say goodbye to him the day after I returned.

Imagine my despair when my husband texted me in Phoenix to say that Bandi was having some diarrhea.  That is exactly how the end began for Boomerang.  The one consolation was that Bandi was still eating.  You may remember my last post about her voracious appetite?  Well, that continues.  So even with diarrhea, Bandi was at least getting nutrition.

I returned last night to find that she still had “the runs”.  Therefore, I slept on the coach so she could tell me when/if she needed to go outside.  And she did.  Bandi woke me up 3 times during the night to let her out.  Poor baby.

She ate well this morning, seemed to rest most of the morning, and her poop has firmed up a bit.  Maybe she was just missing me?

“The greatest fear dogs know is the fear that you will not come back when you go out the door without them.”

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