Bandicoot…Heartbeat at My Feet

“I’m not afraid of being dead. I’m just afraid of what you might have to go through to get there.”

Pamela Bone

Our sweet cancer-ridden girl is getting weaker.  It’s so very hard to watch on this, Day 40 since she was diagnosed.

Colitis is taking over, and Bandi has constant gas, bloating and diarrhea.  She is still eating (probably because the Prednisone she’s on makes her voracious), but she is getting weaker.  One small step separates the garage from our living room, and she can barely get up that one step.

She constantly pants so hard that I worry about her little heart exploding.  That is why I can relate to the quote above.  I have accepted that Bandi will die, but I hate watching her go through such misery to get there.

Bandi will see the veterinarian tomorrow to have another ultrasound, and to have an aspiration biopsy of the soft tissue of her knee.  This is where the suspected cancer started and continues to grow.  With two lymph nodes now affected, they may also take a look at those while doing the biopsy.  Updates when we know more…..

“My little dogs … heartbeats at my feet.”

Edith Wharton – One of the first founders of the ASPCA

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