STYX-To-It-Ness is Empowering! Reason #2

SELF Centered Leadership is my new book.  I’ve been  blogging about the 30 Reasons to Read it.  Today’s post is reason #2 – achieving STYX-to-it-ness.

Arny and Todd Sucherman

Todd Sucherman, drummer for the legendary band, STYX shares a story in my book that illustrates the principle of empowerment.   Whether you’re a Renegade, a Blue Collar Man or Miss America, Todd’s story discredits the idea that Nothing Goes as Planned. 

You might say that The Grand Illusion is that we think some Crystal Ball will give us success.  Not so.  Superstars always prepare, and they Don’t Let It End.   Todd’s preparedness has kept him Rockin’ the Paradise with STYX for many years.

In my book, you’ll learn that Love Is the Ritual of being prepared, and it’s empowering!  You’re just Fooling Yourself  if you think you can Sing For the Day without preparing yesterday.  It makes no difference if you’re a Lady or a Man in the Wilderness, you can create your Best of Times when you prepare!

Don’t be A Criminal Mind or Snowblind!   Come Sail Away on an odyssey to SELF by reading SELF Centered Leadership.  Todd Sucherman’s story will help you be the Queen of Spades in your own Castle Walls.  It’s time to Light Up  in your leadership, and get Your Boat on the River of STYX-to-it-ness!

Please read my book! Here’s the other 29 reasons to do so………..

#30 – You’ll learn to prepare for and survive an ODYSSEY!

#29 – You’ll learn how to spot IMITATIONS everywhere!

#28 – I’ll show you an APP to help you make tough decisions

#27 – I’ll introduce the Three P’s of Empowerment and how to apply them in your life

#26 – Wanna overcome regret?  I show you how!

#25 – I will illustrate how YOU can be heroic in your leadership!

#24 – You’ll learn my one-word definition for leadership

#23 – Friendship can sting.  I’ll tell you what I mean when I introduce you to Lexi and Debbie.

#22 – You’ll learn how to be EXCEPTIONAL!

#21 – You will know how to rise to the top of your fishbowl.

#20 – You will learn how to EMPOWER your life, your love, and your actions!

#19 – Love can be hazardous.  I teach you how to LOVE in a SAFE way.

#18 – My book makes a great stocking stuffer for anyone 12 and up!

#17 – You’ll be surprised to learn the 10 ways you influence others constantly!

#16 – You’ll learn to have charitable, brotherly love year round

#15 – You’ll learn the fishy art of caring for goldfish, and how to navigate your own fishbowl.

#14 – Learn to prepare for winter conditions

#13 – Learn how to communicate with credibility

#12Learn to lead with Intention

#11Learn ways to stop asking, and start helping

#10 – Help someone with oral cancer smile again by purchasing my book on choose Oral Cancer Cause

#9 – Stop eating Styrofoam!

#8 – You’ll have access to the SACRIFICE or VICE chart for decision making

#7 – Pain, Pain, Go Away!

#6 – Service is the best medicine.

#5 – Learn the Five Imitators of Happiness

#4 – Know the SECRET to get out of bed on those tough day.

#3 – Witness the Power of YES!

2 thoughts on “STYX-To-It-Ness is Empowering! Reason #2”

  1. Arny, thanks for your comment. I used Todd’s example in my book because I could see how his decision for a short period of time made a lifetime difference in his success.
    That’s how we each empower our circumstances – through the choices we make every day.

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