Stop Eating Styrofoam! Reason #9 for Reading SELF Centered Leadership

Chances are, you had a bowl full of Styrofoam flakes for breakfast, a Styrofoam sandwich for lunch, and a medium rare Styrofoam steak for dinner.  Yummm, that sounds so good!   NOT!

Styrofoam | Empowerment

Now that I have your attention, I will admit that I’m being a little ridiculous with the Styrofoam scenario.  However, you are likely eating food that has about as much nutrition in it as Styrofoam does.

90% of our corn has been genetically modified by organisms that have NEVER been in the human food chain before – nor should be.  In other words, 90% of the corn you eat is fake!  It is IMITATION, and that’s just the beginning.

Sweet corn, genetic engineering

In my book, SELF Centered Leadership, I identify ways that you are undermining your power by what you eat.  It will surprise you to learn just how many foods are genetically modified.  And you will be horrified to learn how your diet may be undermining your health and well-being.

I provide solutions in my book.  Please buy it, and read it.  And STOP eating STRYOFOAM!

You can buy my book on Amazon or the CreateSpace Store.  If you purchase on Amazon, please buy it at  5% of your purchase will be donated to the Oral Cancer Cause Foundation.

30 Reasons to Read SELF Centered Leadership….

#30 – You’ll learn to prepare for and survive an ODYSSEY!

#29 – You’ll learn how to spot IMITATIONS everywhere!

#28 – I’ll show you an APP to help you make tough decisions

#27 – I’ll introduce the Three P’s of Empowerment and how to apply them in your life

#26 – Wanna overcome regret?  I show you how!

#25 – I will illustrate how YOU can be heroic in your leadership!

#24 – You’ll learn my one-word definition for leadership

#23 – Friendship can sting.  I’ll tell you what I mean when I introduce you to Lexi and Debbie.

#22 – You’ll learn how to be EXCEPTIONAL!

#21 – You will know how to rise to the top of your fishbowl.

#20 – You will learn how to EMPOWER your life, your love, and your actions!

#19 – Love can be hazardous.  I teach you how to LOVE in a SAFE way.

#18 – My book makes a great stocking stuffer for anyone 12 and up!

#17 – You’ll be surprised to learn the 10 ways you influence others constantly!

#16 – You’ll learn to have charitable, brotherly love year round

#15 – You’ll learn the fishy art of caring for goldfish, and how to navigate your own fishbowl.

#14 – Learn to prepare for winter conditions

#13 – Learn how to communicate with credibility

#12Learn to lead with Intention

#11Learn ways to stop asking, and start helping

#10 – Help someone with oral cancer smile again by purchasing my book on

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