Day 65 Brings Enlightenment Part 2

Today is the day that I would have said goodbye to my sweet Bandicoot if I had not had a session with Rose De Dan yesterday. 

Cancer is an ugly, ugly disease that robs it’s host of every natural happiness.  The medications used to combat the disease often cause horrible side effects, but we search for anything that will help. My search to help Bandi combat synovial cell sarcoma or histiocytic sarcoma (we have no confirmation of which cancer it is) has led to people with amazing, and often misunderstood, spiritual gifts.

The following is an attempt to describe an experience I had yesterday with a Reiki master and Shamanic healer.  I don’t understand it fully, however spiritual experiences are often understood more with the passing of time.  Therefore, I am happy to let knowledge distill upon me as the dew from heaven.

Yesterday I wanted to know if Bandicoot was ready in both body and spirit to be released from her pained and diseased body.  With Rose De Dan on the phone, and Bandi lying comfortably on the floor next to me, the quest to answer my question went as follows:

Rose made contact with Bandi, and began to ascertain any energy weaknesses throughout Bandi’s body. (During the few silent moments of this process, Bandi stopped panting and slowed her breath considerably).  Rose asked Bandi for permission, and also asked Bandi if what she was doing was painful.  Bandi replied by giving Rose permission and added, “it feels good.”

Rose determined that there was weakness of energy in Bandi’s back, and around and below her left rear knee.  Besides some arthritis at the base of Bandi’s tail, there didn’t seem to be disease anywhere else. 

At this point, Rose described Bandi as being “out of body”.  Rose explained that just as blood runs through our physical bodies as a source of life; energy flows through our spiritual bodies.  She said that the energy of Bandi’s physical body and the energy of her spirit were out of sync, or disconnected.  (I’m using my own words, as I don’t recall the exact words Rose used).  Rose explained that this may be why Bandi seems withdrawn from us. 

For several moments of silence, Rose attempted to reconnect Bandi with her spirit.  When Rose said, “okay, I’m finished with that” Bandi inhaled and exhaled
very deeply.  This brought about so much relaxation that Bandi began to
dream.  I could tell because her feet were moving as if she were

Rose could now ask Bandicoot the question I wanted to know.  “Bandi, are you ready to leave your body?” 

The answer was NO!  Rose told me that Bandi’s energy was VERY strong, and that Bandi was a spiritual healer herself and still had much wisdom to share with us.  (I took a deep breath, and could have relaxed into a dream state.  I was very happy to get an answer to my question)

At this point Rose educated me on some alternative methods I could still try with Bandi.  She was impressed to tell me that with the combination of western medical modalities (such as the medications that Bandi is already on) and Chinese medical therapies, that Bandi’s quality of life could be raised to an 8 on a scale of 1 to 10.  Rose encouraged me to contact Dr. Jill Todd, DVM for a consult.

I had explained to Rose that Bandi’s appetite was enormous, and that her focus for food has changed her personality.  Rose explained to Bandi that the medicine we were treating her with was making her feel hungry.  Bandi replied, “very hungry”.

Rose then asked Bandi if Bandi could allow her strong spiritual energy to override her hunger so that she could rest. Bandi replied, “I will try.  I am a good dog.”

Rose told her, “yes, Bandi.  You are a very good dog”.

Rose then told me that she was going to take a shamanic journey.  She told me I would hear rattles and other sounds, and that her journey might take several minutes.

I listened to the distant sounds, and watched Bandi sleep peacefully.  (That in itself has been a rare occurrence.)  When Rose returned, she shared with me her vision, described below in as much detail as I can remember:

“My guide was a tiger”, Rose said.

“The tiger took me to the African savannah.  There were antelope or gazelles running.”

“The tiger told Bandi to be sleek of foot.  The tiger took down a gazelle and presented it to Bandi to eat.  Bandi looked at it and remarked, ‘I’ve never had anything like this before, I don’t know what to do with it’.  The tiger encouraged Bandi to eat, and she did.”

“Bandi then became full of energy.  She began chasing a ball.  I don’t know who was kicking it or throwing it for her, but she was running and having fun.”

Bandi playing ball last September

Rose continues her shamanic journey….

“Then I saw Bandi digging in the ground.  She was trying to pull something out of the ground.  She was trying to rid her body of something.”

“My vision led me to some Aboriginal holy men.  Now we’re in Australia.”

“The Aboriginal healers took Bandi and were touching her.  She stood there and let them do so.  Then one of them pulled a tumor from Bandi’s leg and threw it into the fire.  Then I saw a purple-blue light.  This light represents the energy of healing.”

As much as memory serves, this concludes the vision Rose had on her shamanic journey.

I don’t know what all this means, but I do believe it’s true. Perhaps it means that Bandi feels that she can or will be healed.  Perhaps it means that I must try all that I can for my very sweet, very wise little girl.  Rose’s journey may be complete, but my journey has been set on a different path.  I have heard Bandi’s desire, and I will do all I can for her.

Peace of mind has come for me.  Bandi seems more affectionate, and less stressed.  She actually allowed me to sit next to her last night and pet her for several minutes.  This has not been the case for many months. 

Bandi will not be leaving us today.  No, not until she is ready.

“The message from the animals, to everyone who has experienced loss, is a
simple one: offer kindness, forgiveness and support to yourself first,
and all else will follow as it should”

Rose De Dan, Animal Reiki Shaman

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