From bad to worse. Tomorrow will be day 70.

I took Bandi to see Jill Todd, DVM on Saturday.  Dr. Todd performed acupuncture and cold laser therapy in hopes of relieving Bandi’s pain, and to readjust her spine.

Bandi laid still the whole time.  She seemed very content on the Tempurpedic mattress provided.

After the acupuncture and laser treatments, Dr. Todd gave Bandi a vitamin B12 injection.  She also sent her home with a few doses of morphine to try if Bandi’s pain increased.  I really hoped that the increased swelling in Bandi’s leg would subside after her visit with Dr. Todd.  But it hasn’t.

Since Fridays session with Rose, and her Saturday session with Dr Todd, Bandi has seemed more “there”.  What I mean is that she appears to actually be looking at me to communicate, instead of just asking for more food.  She has enjoyed my touch and presence more than she has in weeks.

But alas, those sweet and simple pleasures are taken quickly when cancer is involved.  Bandi turned a corner today, and she appears to be losing ground fast.

Although this picture is upside down, it shows the amount of swelling in Bandi’s left leg and foot.

Even after increasing the dose of Prednisone on Sunday and Monday night, Bandi refused to eat this morning.  “Bandi refused to eat”.  That might be the first time that’s ever been spoken.  Bandi has always had a good appetite, especially on steroids.

This morning she would eat her breakfast only if I fed it to her by hand, and I think she only did so because I asked her to.  Then she barely ate the little bit of lunch I gave her at noon.  Kibble still sits in her dish from dinner 5 hours ago. 

She has lost her will to eat.  But that’s not the worst part.

I came home from a meeting tonight to find no Bandi waiting for me inside the door.  Sadly, she was laying on the wood floor in the living room, apparently unable to get up.  I have brought her water to drink, and asked her several times if she needs to go out.  But she won’t get up.  It’s been an hour, and I don’t know how to help her.

It’s going to be a rough night, and possibly an even rougher tomorrow……..

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