Your Influence x 10!


Highway Signpost Influence

That’s my word.  That’s the one word that defines all aspects of leadership.  How do you know if you “have it”?

Oh….you have it!  In my book, SELF Centered Leadership, I explain how INFLUENCE is the very first trait we’re born with, and how we strengthen our influence throughout our lives.

As a matter of fact, in my book, I list 10 ways that you influence others and don’t even know it!

That is the next reason on my list of 30 reasons for reading SELF Centered Leadership.  You will learn the 10 ways you INFLUENCE!

The book makes a great gift for anyone 12 and up!  It is fraught with stories that are entertaining and informative.  So, if the reasons below aren’t enough to make you want to read my book, then be patient – there are 13 more coming!

Reason #30 – You’ll learn to prepare for and survive an ODYSSEY!

Reason #29 – You’ll learn how to spot IMITATIONS everywhere!

Reason #28 – I’ll show you an APP to help you make tough decisions

Reason #27 – I’ll introduce the Three P’s of Empowerment and how to apply them in your life

Reason #26 – Wanna overcome regret?  I show you how!

Reason #25 – I will illustrate how YOU can be heroic in your leadership!

Reason #24 – You’ll learn my one-word definition for leadership (although you may have gotten a hint from today’s post)

Reason #23 – Friendship can sting.  I’ll tell you what I mean when I introduce you to Lexi and Debbie.

Reason #22 – You’ll learn how to be EXCEPTIONAL!

Reason #21 – You will know how to rise to the top of your fishbowl.  Didn’t know you were in a fishbowl?  Well….you are.

Reason #20 – You will learn how to EMPOWER your life, your love, and your actions!

Reason #19 – Love can be hazardous.  I teach you how to LOVE in a SAFE way.

Reason #18 – My book makes a great stocking stuffer for anyone 12 and up!

Reason #17 – You’ll be surprised to learn the 10 ways you influence others constantly!

So what are you waiting for?  Go buy the book!



2 thoughts on “Your Influence x 10!”

  1. I’m so grateful for leaders in my life who were a positive influence on me, especially youth leaders in my church. Their effect on me was so profound and long-reaching.

    1. Arny, thanks.

      Do you mean far-reaching?

      Influence is the reason we remember leaders and people who impacted our lives. We can have the same impact on others.

      Thanks for posting.

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