Rest in Play, Sweet Girl.

Bandi was the cutest puppy I have ever seen. Judge for yourself……

Her expressions melted my heart……

In personality, she was the complete opposite of Boomerang.  Together they brought so much joy into my life.

Bandi was very strong-willed, and pretty much did what she wanted to do.  And she was obedient…..eventually.  If she didn’t want to do something, you’d have to tell her twice.  “Go on,” I’d say.  “Go outside and go potty”.  Then she’d do it, even though she didn’t want to.

Bandi was a good dog.

Today, the decision was made to let Bandi go.  It was a heart-breaking reality that she had stopped eating, and was unable to get up without assistance because of her cancer-ridden leg.  I knew that her dignity was going to suffer as her limitations deteriorated day after day. 

At about 9:20 this morning Bandi passed on; but not without second guessing the whole decision.  It was only a few months ago that we watched  Boomerang pass quickly and peacefully.

However, Bandi was not entirely ready.  Once her breathing stopped, we waited for confirmation that her heart had stopped.  But when the Veterinarian continued to hold the stethoscope to Bandi’s chest for what seemed a very long time, I asked, “Is she not gone yet?”

The reply was, “her heart rate has slowed, but it has not stopped.” 

I realized that Bandi was just being Bandi.  True to form, she had to be told twice.  So I caressed her leg and said, “Bandi, it’s okay to go.  Get the ball, and play with Boomer.  Go on.”

“Her heart stopped just then,” Dr. Carouthers said. 

Bandi had been obedient.

She still felt so warm to touch, and a few moments later Bandi’s nose twitched.  Maybe her nasal passages were being bombarded with new smells in a new and exciting place?

I wanted to fill my nasal passages with the smell of her.  And for several minutes more I kissed Bandi’s head and face, and felt her softness on my cheek.  I will miss that the most.

It is heartbreaking to know that Bandi didn’t want to go.  And I feel that as much as I miss her, she is also missing me. 

The house is awfully empty now, but I feel so blessed to have had three special dogs in my life.  Three little angels at my feet. 

I’m so grateful for the last 70 days that I had with Bandi.  She knew she was loved. 

Koala T’s Bailey Blue Bandicoot
March 6, 2002 – February 27, 2013

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