The SAFE Way to Love – Reason #19 to Read SELF Centered Leadership

Reason #19 to read:

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…is to learn how to love in a SAFE way.

Loving yourself is hard enough.  Then you have to master the ability to love others.  I talk about these two types of love in my upcoming book.  AND I provide a SAFE way for you to do both.

SAFE is an acronym for the four steps to loving.  The A is for Acceptance.

In my book I share a story about my friend, Carol.  She died when she was three, visited with God, and came back with 32 personalities.  She is an amazing example of someone who had to ACCEPT life and all the painful circumstances that it holds so she could LOVE as she was meant to.

I hope you will read my book.  It will be out very soon.

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One thought on “The SAFE Way to Love – Reason #19 to Read SELF Centered Leadership”

  1. Yep. I believe it is impossible to love others without having a love for yourself or at least an understanding of your worth. Mean people are most likely that way to help them feel less in comparison. If they can diminish your value, then they can feel better about their own low self-esteem.

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