Reason #24: Leadership Defined in ONE Word

A few years ago, I used social media to ask a question:

“If you had to define leadership in one word, what word would it be?”

Think about it….is it possible to define leadership in one word?  The answers I received were from all over the world.  I have combined some of them into a Wordle…. Leadership | Definition | Navigating Your Fishbowl Would you add your own one-word definition to the Wordle?  What would it be?

In my upcoming book, SELF Centered Leadership: Becoming Influential, Intentional and Exceptional, I give you the ONE word I discovered that defines leadership in every circumstance and from every perspective.

Wanna know what that word is?  (hint – it’s NOT in the Wordle) The book will be out soon!  Learning the ONE word that defines leadership is reason #24 for reading my book.

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Comment below with YOUR one-word definition of leadership.  If your answer is the word I release in my book, I’ll send you a gift.

(Disclaimer: If you have been one of the lucky ones to read the first chapter of my book, you do not qualify for the gift.)

6 thoughts on “Reason #24: Leadership Defined in ONE Word”

  1. So many good words in that Wordle and it’s not there….interesting. Guess I’ll just have to read the book!

    ….I like Trailblazing and Integrity myself!

    1. Arny, Trailblazing and integrity are both great words that apply to leadership. However, neither one of them fit the one-word definition published in my book. Thanks for playing.

    1. Donna, great perspective. Leadership is indeed a team sport – it takes many hearts to be successful. However, neither of those words are the word that I found to be the basic meaning of leadership. You’re in the right ballpark, but not quite a home run.

      Thanks so much for commenting here. I hope you’re doing well!

    1. Hello Danielle. Welcome to my blog family!

      You are so close with your guess, “Inspire”. The actual one-word definition for leadership is INFLUENCE. See how close you were?!

      I’m working on some minor edits to the proof of my book, and hope to have it ready for sale on Amazon next week! Keep in touch – I would love to have your continued input.

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