Will the Real Hero Please Stand Up? – Reason #25

Action Hero City | Jackie Bailey

Man Saves Baby from Burning Building

Woman Pulls Stranger from Car Wreck

Young Boy Calls 911 and Saves His Fathers Life

These are feel-good headlines.  They often give us pause to reflect on what our own actions might be if we found ourselves in the same circumstance.

We don’t have to perform tremendous feats to be leadership heroes.  In leadership, we can be heroic by taking the action necessary to ensure the right outcome.

In my upcoming book, SELF Centered Leadership: Becoming Influential, Intentional and Exceptional, I will provide you with ways to become heroic in your leadership.  That is reason 25 in my 30-reason countdown.

In my book I share examples of three individuals who became heroic simply by using their influence with intentional action.  YOU can be a leadership hero, too!

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Thanks for tuning in.  Get out there and be heroic!


2 thoughts on “Will the Real Hero Please Stand Up? – Reason #25”

  1. This can be tricky, if there are those on your team that disagree with your decision. Moving forward, on any matter, without team consensus, and not achieving a successful outcome, can cause resentment. That said, generally, in leadership roles, with your name on the door, you need to own your own destiny, and surround yourself with those who, despite their own misgivings, believe in you.

    1. Arny, I agree. That is why leadership heroes seek for consensus when it’s appropriate, but make the hard decisions on their own when the circumstance calls for it. Of course, being prepared to take the heat if necessary is also a leaders job.
      Being confident in his or her decisions requires a leader to master four traits. Sacrifice, Empowerment, Love and Friendship. I talk about these traits in my upcoming book SELF Centered Leadership. I hope you’ll read it, and find its contents worth your time.
      Thanks for commenting in my blog!

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