Music and Leadership: The Common Chord

I’ve become a podcaster. The Speak | Feed | Lead Podcast with Jackie Bailey will soon be well-known. My goal is to help others speak with power; feed others in word and deed; and lead with positive influence. Thus, Speak | Feed | Lead.

February 2019 in Seattle has seen record breaking snow amounts.  Upon becoming stranded at home for several days, my husband agreed to be my first podcast interview.

Arny Bailey musician

Arny Bailey is a long-time musician. (We’ve been married 36 years and he’s been in at least one band “family” our whole marriage). He is the founder of, or participates in the following tribute bands and productions:

Borrowed Time – The Music of STYX

Wings N Things – A Tribute to Paul McCartney

Just One Look – A Tribute to Linda Ronstadt

Third Stage – A Tribute to Boston

Kings of Hollywood: Tribute to The Eagles

The Tribute Time Machine, Starring Pat Cashman

I asked Arny about his experience with bands, and how it relates to leadership – specifically speaking, feeding, and leading.

The following gems from Arny Bailey are yours to consume…


  1. Be authentic. “Your message is WHO you are; not WHAT you’re doing.” If that wasn’t already inspiring enough, Arny made this remark in regard to the drive musicians have to make music, “It’s impossible to ask ‘WHY am I doing this?’ when it’s WHO you are; it’s easy to ask ‘WHY am I doing this?’ when it’s simply WHAT you’re doing.”
  2. Be aware of your own voice, and deliver your message the best you can.”
  3. Viewing his vocal talent as a gift from God, Arny voiced his belief that sharing his talent is not a choice. “{Singing} is more me than almost anything else I do.”
  4. You can’t just sing the words. A powerful message comes from the emotions you convey.”
  5. Connect emotionally with the audience and take them back to the pivotal moments of life.”


  1. Arny is well-versed in guitar, bass guitar, percussion, and keyboards. However, he asserts, “My main instrument is my voice.”
  2. Speaking of the early years of frustration when he thought he was “a guitarist who could sing“; he recalled the clarity he felt upon realizing he was “a vocalist who could play guitar“.
  3. Music was a positive influence throughout his childhood, with instruments at his disposal waiting to be played.
  4. Moving from tribute bands to producing The Tribute Time Machine, a stage production, Arny taught my podcast audience to be open to inspiration, and “become immersed in your obsessions
  5. While discussing The Tribute Time Machine show, Arny expressed his purpose: “To sit them down (the audience) in a theater and give them a nostalgic, feel good experience.”


  1. Work within a structure“. The common thread in building a band: “Music
  2. Find the right talent and put him/her in the right role
  3. Respect the role each player has, and don’t step on, or over, each other
  4. Arny defined the role of entrepreneur in a band setting: “He’s not only in the band, but he takes control of the success of the band. He makes things happen.”
  5. Another role he defined was the three musketeers: “they act on chance and opportunity, rather than look for, or create opportunity.”

It was fun to interview my husband, and I learned far more than expected about the common chord between music and leadership. Some outstanding words mentioned relevant to both categories are:

  • Desire
  • Drive
  • Purpose
  • Authenticity
  • Emotion

Speak | Feed | Leadno matter WHO you are or WHAT you’re doing, you can speak with power, feed others in word and deed, and lead with positive influence.

For the full interview with Arny Bailey, listen to my Speak | Feed | Lead podcast by clicking here. Speak | Feed | Lead with Jackie Bailey


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