Rory Vaden is the first ever to do this…..

Rory Vaden, co-founder of Southwestern Consulting, encourages us to “Take the Stairs”.   His message is that “Success Means Doing Things You Don’t Want To Do.” 

I saw Rory speak live 1 1/2 years ago in Palm Desert, California.  I was in training to be the Lt Governor of Marketing for District 2 Toastmasters International.  Rory Vaden was at the training too, but he was one of the trainers!  And what a trainer he was!  I have never forgotten his message, and whenever possible, I take the stairs because that’s what real leaders do!

If that’s not enough, Rory has done something that no one else has ever done.  Rory Vaden is the first to ever climb the stairs of the tallest building in China.  Rory is a leader that practices what he preaches.  Please click this link to watch a video of Rory accomplishing this feat:

I encourage you to follow Rory; and follow his advice.  Do the things that you don’t want to do and you will find success as a leader. 

Will you take the stairs when a choice presents itself?  Well…will you?

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