3 Areas of FOCUS When Creating a VISION Statement


Just as the water clarifier I purchased for my children’s fishbowl claimed to support the development of beneficial bacteria for healthy, clear water, a practice or any business can be better developed when it starts with a Vision, and a Vision Statement.  Cloudy water is unhealthy for goldfish, and a cloudy vision will merely discourage a team.

A Vision Statement is a mental picture of what the practice or business wants to aspire to.  It needs to be clear and concise in its wording.

A vision statement is created by asking questions:

  • What do we do well?
  • What is the most important thing we want to do?
  • What makes our practice or business unique or special? 

Let me walk you through creating a vision statement related to my professional speaking career.  I will ask myself these questions, and then create a vision statement before your very eyes!

What do I do well? 
I communicate, coach, and teach in a professional and competent manner.

What is the most important thing I want to do?
I want to teach skills of leadership and communication to healthcare professionals.  I want each member of a healthcare team to find their voice so that they can be understood and of value to both practice and patient.

What makes me unique or special?
30+ years in the healthcare industry as an employee has provided me with experience and knowledge in effective, and not-so-effective team communication.  I understand the dynamics of healthcare leadership, and what a practice needs to be successful.

With a wave of my magic wand!

My Vision Statement:
As a competent, experienced speaker and healthcare professional, I strive to develop greater commmuncation and leadership skills in each member of the medical or dental practice team, so that the entire team performs more effectively to serve both the practice and their patients.

If you need help with your Vision Statement, provide the answers to the three questions above, and I’ll help you contruct your very own Vision Statement!

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