Human Resources tHRursday: Employment Agreements


Do you have signed, legally valid “Employment Agreements” for each of your employees?

Watch this video:  Employment Agreements

The use of an Employment Agreement or Employment Contract is of key importance.   Its use in a new hire situation or with an existing employee can:

  • Set the terms of employment
  • Enforce rights and obligations
  • Communicate and clarify expectations
  • Provide dialog about the employment relationship
  • Support recruitment, employee morale, and employee retention
  • Protect important business assets and intellectual property
  • Protect the company’s reputation, trade secrets and confidential information

For a free example of an Employment Agreement (form #200), comment on this blog or send me an email!

2 thoughts on “Human Resources tHRursday: Employment Agreements”

  1. Will you kindly send a copy of the employment agreement.
    form #200 ?
    Appreciate all the great info on your website and videos.
    Thank you!

    1. HR Apprentice, thanks so much for commenting. I also appreciate your request, and I’ve emailed that over to you. Please look for it in your inbox.

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      Happy New Year!

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