Seven Ways the Making of Your Business is Like the Making of America

America was founded on ideals that seemed new at the time, but have in reality been timeless.  As far back as 1776 we longed for the same things that all Americans, (and, in fact, all people) still want.

  • Freedom
  • Prosperity
  • Peace

Because the founders of America succeeded in providing us
with freedoms that we Americans, still enjoy today, our country has seen growth
in ideas, knowledge, and resources for gaining ideas and knowledge. 

In the same way, whatever business you’re in, there can be
NO advancement as the business owner, nor as an employee, if there is no freedom
in the work place.  The kind of freedom that allows us to progress toward prosperity that will in
turn bring about peace.  These three
elements are sought for by everyone in your business—owner and employee

When you have the elements of freedom, prosperity and peace,
then progress comes quickly.  We’ve seen
it as America
has matured.  W. Cleon Skousen talked
about six great revolutions of America.  However that was before the seventh revolution
was born, which I’ve added below: 

  1. The Industrial Revolution
  2. The Machine Revolution
  3. The Transportation Revolution
  4. The Communications Revolution
  5. The Energy Resource Revolution
  6. The Computer Revolution
  7. The Internet Revolution

How do these steps of American progress compare to the
progress of your business?

The Industrial Revolution was the transition from
hand production methods to machines, and improved efficiency.  Most businesses begin with the very basic
materials and supplies.  When you can
move into more efficient methods of producing your product, and even marketing
your business, you may recognize that you’ve been through a small industrial
revolution of your own making.

The Machine
took the burden of work from human and animal power to machine
power.  As Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu
once said, “an ant on the move does more than a dozing ox.”

I’m sure it didn’t take you long to realize that you had to
be competitive in your business.  That
meant that there were some things that you had to buy machines to do.  You’ve become more efficient, haven’t you?  You’ve survived the Machine Revolution of
your business!

The Transportation Revolution affected the lives of many Americans. It
helped transport cotton to textile factories, and it helped people to transport
their own cargo via canals, steamboats, and trains. Today, your product is
moved by many forms of transportation.  As
a new business owner, it may have taken some organization and set up to get
your product out to market, but it would have been impossible to do at all
without having been successful at the first two revolutionary processes.

It’s impossible to overstate the significance of the
electric telegraph in American history that brought about the Communication Revolution. Before the
1830s, nothing could travel faster than a running horse – not people, not
goods, not even information.  Can you
imagine NOT having a telephone, the postal service or email capabilities in
your business today?  I know there are
many of you who can even remember the days before email.  I certainly do. Communication is key to prosperity in your

has always relied on the Energy Resource
to produce, provide, and prosper.  Conventional wisdom tells us that market
forces would always come to the rescue. We’ve been spoiled with abundant amounts and
low prices for food, water and energy.  But
times are a-changing.

McKinsey Global Institute tells us that we might be entering
a new era of high and volatile prices over the next two decades.  What will this mean for YOUR business?

I’m sure, as a business owner you’ve discovered how
difficult it is to find qualified and competent employees of late.  And on the flip side, employees are wondering
where the days went when job security was a given.  Disappointment on both sides of this coin has
created a real disconnect between management and production staff.  Business
owners are NOT using their resources—their HUMAN resources as they should.

By the mid 1980s the Computer
had transformed American life. The watches people wore, the cars
they drove, the mail they received, the games they played, the state of their
health, and the way they learned were altered by the computer chip. Schools,
workplaces, the health industry, government, and the law were all dramatically
affected by the computer.

Think of your business. Do you remember what it was like to
not have a computer?  Or, try to imagine
doing the same work you do now WITHOUT having a computer to assist you.  And yet, I see MOST of my clients NOT using
the technology at their fingertips to its fullest potential!  What’s
up with that?

The seventh revolution in my opinion is
the Internet Revolution.  This may be the greatest innovation of them all.  It will most likely have the longest lasting effects in history.  High Existence claims that the best part of the Internet Revolution is these five principles:

1) Equality– everyone has the same chance to
get their message to the world.

2) Unity– all cultures come together to
share ideas and common concerns.

3) Information– newspapers and television
are no longer the way we get up to date information.

4) Connection– we can see and speak to
anyone in the world at any moment basically for free in real time!

5) Freedom– we can work from anywhere in the
world.  We can find legal help, publish a
book, and even make a large profit through online sales.

Freedom and prosperity come in very different ways than our
founding fathers could have possibly imagined.  Yet peace is often harder to come by.  With all this freedom, technology and
knowledge, we still struggle to have ALL that is of greatest value.

The revolutionary bells and whistles don’t matter if, as
business owners, we don’t have a clear vision, a purposeful mission, and a
strategic plan of success in place.  Furthermore,
if we don’t know how to communicate with and lead our team, we will always be
undermining our true capabilities.  

So, are you ready for the next revolution in your business
evolution?  Are you ready for the Leadership Revolution?

What does YOUR leadership revolution look like?